Following the success of our Bespoke Meal Plan Service, which has helped many people lose weight, perform better and live a healthier life, we have further developed and trialled our bespoke rapid weight loss plan. After vigorous testing, we are pleased to finally launch our  scientifically formulated 'Rapid Weight Loss Plan'.  

Our plan is aimed at giving you a healthy intake of the most important nutrients whilst helping you lose between 2-12kg in as little as 4 weeks. It has been scientifically designed and is very precise, which is what we here at Nourish excel at. 

Our plan incorporates coaching, scientific testing and of course all of your meals, supplements, shakes and drinks too. We'll be with you every step of the way as you'll be assigned to one of our health professionals who will check in with you daily to ensure you stay disciplined and motivated. You will have daily contact with your coach as well as a weekly check in meeting.

If you wish to apply for a place on our Rapid Weight Loss plan then please click the button below and fill out our questionnaire


What Can You Expect?

3 meals per day along with 2 snacks, a variety of different nutrient dense foods and some smart supplementation to help you along the way too. This is rapid weight loss though, so expect at times to be hungry, although we're confident you'll be surprised at how we can manage that too, but also how tasty the food can be too.

What's The Cost?

This type of strict dieting is not for everyone and is best used to kick start your weight loss journey or to stop you fallin off your current diet plan if you find it getting boring or that results are slowing. This is why we suggest running it for 2-4 weeks at a time. For 2 weeks the price is £200 per week and the 4 week plan is £175 per week.

What results can you expect?

As above, you can expect between a 2-12kg weight loss from a plan. Below is a before and after of Sarah, who lost 11lb in 4 weeks on our plan.

"The food has been absolutely incredible. So delicious and varied. I've been inspired for my shopping list."

" Rad Thai is the best thing on your menu. Avocado mousse with an orange is so good, as is your berry cheesecake (best ever) and I dislike standard brownies, but really enjoy the nourish ones. I could go on"

Start - 11st 1/4lb
End - 10st 4 + 1/2lbs"

"The delivery service is so convenient and if you compare the cost of say a joe wicks plan, plus all the food shopping and prep time... for what you provide, this is a steal. And I'm so much closer to my ideal weigh

Sarah before and after

*Due to the nature of our service, we only have  a limited number of spaces available at any one time.