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At Nourish we know the importance of diet on all aspects of a person’s health, we also know eating the right foods can have a positive impact on productivity. What Nourish offers is more than just food, it's a partnership to help you build a healthier and more productive workforce, which is why all of our catered customers get full access to the numerous workshops, seminars and healthy activities with our nutritionist and dietitian. We want to help you build a healthier workforce through not only our food offering, but also our resources and knowledge too, which is why we'll be happy to come in to your workplace, discuss health initiatives with staff and help you implement them, along with holding regular educational workshops and seminars too. An educated workforce on the areas of health and nutrition, is not only healthier, but also more valuable to your company.


At Nourish we know the importance of diet on all aspects of a person’s health, and this is something that can be applied to the workplace. Just as you can improve your own wellbeing with the right nutrition, you can also improve the productivity of your working environment.

Sounds like a bit of a reach? It’s not, and here’s why.

Sick days

How many times have you been told the importance of eating 5 a day? Countless. And there is of course good reason for this. A good intake of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis keep your body running at optimum, helping to fight off the foreign bodies trying to do damage and cause illness.

All companies can benefit from reducing sick days, and getting more nutrients out of food is a great way to do this. Nourish’s food is nutritionist designed and contains at least one portion of fruit or veg in each serving. Often a lot more!


Mental Acuity

Alongside helping to reduce sick days, regularly having an increased intake of your vitamins and minerals will help your body in other ways. Sustained energy from our food will reduce the need for that extra cup of coffee to keep you going, this will in turn help you get a better night’s sleep. And the improved state of your body will improve the quality of this sleep, making sure you are fresh the next day. This keeps your focus sharp to make sure you are able to tackle the day's tasks


Mid afternoon slump

Ever get to about 3pm in the day and you feel the fog descending and the motivation tails off to nothing? That’s probably a crash from what you had at lunch. The white bread from that baguette hasn’t released its energy in a sustained manner and now it’s all run out. So what do you do? Reach for the coffee pot? That might have a knock on effect with tonight’s sleep though…


At Nourish, we use multigrain and whole wheat for our wraps, combined with plenty of fruit and veg means the energy from lunch will be drip fed over the rest of the day. This will keep productivity going until the end of the day...and maybe even through the door with renewed interest in cooking a healthy dinner!


The icky part

At Nourish we know that health starts from the inside out, and the gut and digestive tract is no different. A diet rich in fat and processed meats can really give this area a hard time, and no one is at their best when they are having issues, ahem, there.

With the amount of fruit, veg, whole grains, seeds, nuts and pulses in our meals, there will be no such issues. Your digestive system will be singing our praises as much as the boss will be singing yours when all target’s are getting hit.


But don’t just take our word for it, there has been plenty of research to show that workplace wellbeing offers a financial return. And when you set up an account with Nourish, not only do you receive the benefits of the food, but you will receive regular seminars and talks from our in house Nutritionist and Dietitian.


Brought To You By Nourish

We deliver in the following Sheffield postcodes: S1, S3, S4, S5, S6, S8, S9, S10 and S11. Delivery is free on orders of £25 or more. For orders under £25, delivery is £2.95 in S1 and £4.95 for all other postcodes. 

Please note we are unable to deliver any hot drinks. The 'free hot drink with breakfast' offer is also not available with delivery. 

Placing An Order

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