Rapid weight loss meal plan service - pre-launch

Party season is here and to help you get ready we are pre-launching our rapid weight loss bespoke meal plan service to help you shift a few lbs. 

Following the success of our Bespoke Meal Plan Service, which has helped many people lose weight, perform better and live a healthier life, we were often asked by many people if we could them with a quick fix type solution. We're not about quick fixes but more about changing habits to better one's for longer term health benefits, however, the challenge to come up with something that would not only provide optimum nutrition but also lead to rapid weight loss, was a one which we couldn't shy away from, so we came up with a very specific plan devised by our nutritionist alongside our chefs. 

Our plan is aimed at giving you a healthy intake of the most important nutrients whilst helping you lose between 2-12kg in 4 weeks. It has been scientifically designed and is very precise, which is what we excel at!

For our pre-launch, we're looking for a few people to help us fine tune it and give us feedback before our full launch in January, so we thought now would be a great time to test the waters and see what the interest is like. if you want to be considered then please send an email to nourish@nourishrestaurants.com and we'll be in touch. 

What can you expect?

3 meals per day along with 2 snacks, a variety of different nutrient dense foods and some smart supplementation to help you along the way too. This is rapid weight loss though, so expect at times to be hungry, although we're confident you'll be surprised at how we can manage that too, but also how tasty the food can be too.

What's the cost?

The full launch price will be £175 per week, but our pre-launch special price will be just £100 per week, which is cheaper than your average juice detox! But with our system you'll get all of your meals, snacks and supplements along with support from our team too.

Limited number of spaces available, so if you're interested, act quickly!