Nourish launches new freshly prepared 'Gym Meals' range

Nourish launches new Gym Meals range - Supporting local gyms to provide restaurant quality healthy meals to their members.

Nourish as a healthy fast food restaurant based in Sheffield City Centre has long been a promoter of healthy eating as well as choosing to work with gyms which seek to improve the overall health of their members. Nourish is now looking to extend both it’s reach and support of those by entering the growing area of freshly prepared gym meals market. With a 5 star hygiene rating and a fully equipped professional kitchen along with highly experienced chefs, our menu innovation and ability to produce high volume meals is a key factor in our ability to support our growth in to the area of prepared gym meals. All of our meals are also fully macronutrient calculated and come with full and detailed allergen information.

Nourish has long worked with many Personal Trainers and gym owners to offer improved nutrition through the ‘Bespoke Meal Plan’ service it offers. As a premium service, the market of which has always been niche.

With our new gym meals range, we are now able to offer gyms a way to provide our restaurant quality meals to their customers, assured of the consistency and quality we are known for, all at a price whereby not only does the customer benefit but also the gym too.

Due to our restaurant menu we are able to offer a wide variety of different meals at very competitive prices, however we have a focus on high protein meals with a mix of carbohydrate sources and each dish is at least 2 portions of vegetables.

A selection of our core menu items include:
Thai chicken curry with jasmine rice and asian slaw

Goan fish curry with brown rice and greens

Moroccan turkey meatballs with sweet potato mash and greens

Szechuan Beef with rice and shredded veg

Quinoa coated chicken katsu with rice and greens

In addition to these core menu items, we also offer a rotation of specials too, including pesto crusted cod, sesame glazed chicken, slow cooked BBQ beef plus many others.

All meals include a full macronutrient breakdown and low carb versions can be offered too.

For more information about stocking our gym meals, or to set up a taster event at your gym, please email