An open letter on our 'Pay it Forward Tree' scheme

An Open Letter on our ‘PAY IT FORWARD TREE’ scheme

Due to the recent increase in anti-social and abusive behaviour we have endured from people who are using our ‘Pay it Forward Tree’ we have now decided to operate a zero tolerance policy towards any such behaviour and will be reviewing the scheme over the next month with the possibility of scrapping it completely.

Since launching the scheme nearly 4 years ago we have been relied upon by many for a warm meal and a coffee as well as being a welcoming and safe place for those less vulnerable in the city. We have served thousands of meals to those in need and we wish to carry on doing so, but only if the behaviour we’ve experienced stops immediately.

The increase in what can only be deemed as disgusting and disrespectful behaviour has become too common for us to not take any action.

Recent behaviour has included:

·      Being spat at

·      Frequently being swore at when there is no meal on the tree

·      Coming in to the store intoxicated either from drug use or alcohol

·      Walking in with lit cigarettes

·      Speaking in a disrespectful manner to staff

·      Acting in an intimidating manner towards staff

·      2 attempted break in’s within a month

Our priority as a business is to first ensure our staff have a safe place to work and are respected by our customers, but also that our customers have a safe and welcoming experience when they come to Nourish. On occasion this has not been the case

We do not deserve to be treated in such a manner when we invest so much money and time in to feeding those in need. As of today, you must follow this basic code of conduct:

·      Do NOT come in to Nourish if you are under the influence of drugs

·      Do NOT come in to Nourish if you are intoxicated from alcohol

·      Do NOT come in to Nourish with open cans of alcohol

·      Do NOT come in to Nourish between 12-2pm which is our busiest period of the day

·      Do NOT come in to Nourish for the end of day meals until AFTER 6.30pm

·      Treat the staff serving with complete RESPECT. Please & Thank you are basic manners, use them.

·      Do NOT argue with staff under any circumstances

You will be refused any food and permanently barred immediately if you fail to follow any above the above points.