Introducing our new autumn 2015 menu

As Autumn approaches it’s time for us to launch our new menu. This has allowed us to launch the menu across both our Sheffield and Leeds sites. And to celebrate we are holding a free lunch hour, on Tuesday 15th September at our Leeds store and Wednesday 16th at our Sheffield store, both 12.30-1.30pm.


A lot of time and effort goes in to developing our menu and we have to make a lot of considerations for our customers, because we know its what they expect. We have to consider allergens, balance, goals as well as flavour and seasonal influences. 


This new menu reflects exactly what we set out to do, that being to offer great tasting healthy fast food that is also value for money. This is reflected in bigger portions, better sourced ingredients and even better packaging. Improving value has been key for this menu and we’ve worked with our local suppliers to ensure our customers get the most value we can offer. 


We’ve come a long way from when we first opened in Leeds, major improvements in key staffing positions, with more to come, improved customer experience through our training of staff and new processes. Consistency and value were an issue, we’re confident they will no longer be. We really listened to what our customers said needed to be improved. So what’s changed and what’s new on our new menu, here’s a brief run down:



We have slimmed down our breakfast offering by around 15% to focus on the key sellers we had and helping to further minimise waste, this has also made it simpler and easier to understand. The main addition is the Nourish full breakfast, consisting of: sweet potato, veggie sausage, scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms, bacon and granary toast. Most notably though, all breakfasts come with a free hot drink included, be that a tea, coffee, herbal tea or a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon in. After all, it's getting colder so a nice brew with breakfast is a must.



The gym box and protein box have had a mini make over and tweaks whilst being more price competitive. The superfood salad remains the same and it is by far the best superfood salad on the market (Big claim i know!), we’ve also added a salmon superfood salad too, because it’s what our customers asked for. On top of this we’ve added an Energiser salad which does exactly what it says on the tin. Our Vegetarian Protein box also makes an appearance, packed with 25g of vegetarian protein and loads of flavour. We’ve kept the prices as low as we can too, with the falafel & hummus both being huge salads but at only £3.95 (take out) these really compete on every level. Unfortunately we are no longer able to subsidise the VAT payment on the eat in prices in our Sheffield store. It is something that we would have liked to do, we really don't agree that the Government forces businesses to pay VAT if a customer chooses to sit inside and eat. Maybe one day we'll levy the Government for no VAT to be payable on healthy food. After all it really should be encouraged more.




We had some real issues with our wraps, the measurements didn’t seem right and some looked empty, we even had one customer post on Facebook that hers only contained thin air and she had to fill herself up on a Gregg’s pizza. We as company owners were gutted about that, so we’ve made sure it won’t happen again by increasing the fillings and the staff have undergone intensive training on these. Hot wraps wise we’ve brought an old Sheffield favourite back: The Turkey Meatball wrap. We’re sure this is going to be a best seller alongside the Chilli Burrito and the Chilli Chicken Burrito. 



Hot foods

Every meal on our hot food menu has been tried, tasted and sampled at least a dozen times over. We’ve brought in a warming beef stew as when the nights draw in, it's been described by our chefs as a warming hug of a dish! We also have a chickpea curry with a nice kick and have revamped the other hots foods. We’ve increased portions sizes on them all but still kept them within our portion limits for a meal. By improving the nutrient dense ingredients we've managed to make some favourite dishes with our own healthy twist.

Baked sweet potato

We knew these would sell well, funny to think they very nearly didn’t make it on to our menu when we opened in Sheffield! We have increased the size of the sweet potato serving after working with our supplier to keep the cost down to the customer. The new feta, olive and tomato topping is as good a topping as we’ve ever done.


Once again, thank you for all of the support, we’re blown away that 3 lads who set out to run a company aimed at positively influencing as many people as possible through food has been so well supported. Keep the feedback coming, we see our customers as our own board of directors who keep us focussed and on our toes.


Team Nourish