Nourish and you, we are recruiting

Are you happy, driven, passionate and caring? Do you think you could work for a company which puts people over profits and which strives to make a positive difference in the world?

We are recruiting for team members for our Leeds store. We're not like any other company though. So far since opening 8 weeks ago we have connected over 150 people through our 'Pay it Forward' Tree which allows customers to pay for a meal for those in need such as the homeless, we've connected with numerous charity organisations across the city and we've helped pass on our nutritional and health beliefs to many of our customers. We've also served thousands of meals too. Not bad for a small independent business we feel!

At Nourish it's not just about what you can do, but who you are. We recruit people, because skills can be taught, passion can't be bought. 

If you have a passion, a belief and you think it fits with what we're trying to do and the mission we are on then we want to hear from you. 

it doesn't matter if you don't know your spoodle from your ladle, we want your passion to come to work and make people smile, be positive when it's a busy day and be the change you want to see in this world. 

We're going to achieve big things and we need the right people to do so.

You'll be trained to do a mix of jobs from serving customers with a smile, supporting the community projects we're involved with, serving the hot food, chopping and preparing salads and keeping Nourish being 'Nourish'. Are you Nourish? if you think you understand what that means then no job will be too big or too small and the bigger picture is what will always matter.

We pay well, we laugh often, we have great perks and above all we value how important our staff are to us.

If you see yourself as being a valuable member and you can bring your passion to Nourish we want to hear from you, email us with 'why' to