What's to come, update and all things Nourish

Well firstly let's look at what just happened! We've just recently opened our 2nd store in the centre of Leeds, on Bond Street. Check out the 'find us' page for directions.

It's fair to say we've been very busy, hence the lack of posts, blogs and even managing to our Leeds menu up on our website without it causing problems (we're sorry there's been no menu online, the new one will be up soon, promise).

In the 8 weeks since opening our Leeds store we've realised many things, mainly that running 2 restaurants is not twice as difficult, but more like 7 times more difficult! But we've managed so far and we need to say a BIG thanks to all of our staff at Leeds for a successful opening and also to our staff at Sheffield branch for doing such a good job whilst the owners have been swanning about Leeds. So thanks to John, Gemma, Stephen, Kevin, Hollie, Jon and finally to Gary. Some of you may remember Gary, we posted about him in the past. He used to sell the big issue outside Nourish but he has now joined Team Nourish as a full time member of staff as well as getting himself off the streets and in to a nice little flat too.

So what's to come, well if we said number 3 is on the horizon.... we'd be lying, kind of! We're looking but nothing agreed or set in stone just yet. We'll announce when we do. For now we're concentrating on our 2 stores.

New menu:

First up, the seasons changing, nights are drawing and it's getting closer to Autumn, but then we've had an awful summer really haven't we?! So with Autumn comes our new menu launch, dates set are Tuesday 15th September for Leeds and Wednesday 16th September for Sheffield. Now when we launched our summer menu in Sheffield in 2014 we did a 'free lunch hour' which as you can probably work out was a free lunch from our new menu for an hour, for  anyone who had one of our free lunch passes. We ended up serving over 500 people a free lunch, it was great! So we've decided that to say thank you to the people of Leeds for such a warm welcome that we're going to hold a free lunch hour to celebrate our new menu launch and we'll also do the same the day after at our Sheffield branch. Watch out for the invite flyers which will be distributed over the next couple of weeks. There will be limited numbers for both days and we expect a huge queue too! We will also be making a bit of an event of it, so expect some balloons, maybe a band if we can find one and a load of happy smiley faces, we'll also be giving out some prizes too.

Nourish at your business honking our horn:

Next up, we have just bought our first delivery van which will be ran from our Sheffield store and will serve local business and retail parks, if you work somewhere that would like lunch bringing to you from Nourish then get in touch. We've ran a little competition over on our Facebook page for a winner of a free lunch for their workplace and we'll be announcing the winner soon. We are planning to increase our vans to 4 in total and run 2 from each shop, so Leeds wont be far behind.


Erm what else...Well we have just opened up a second round of investment, we're looking to raise £50,000 in exchange for 5% of the business. The money raised will be used to buy more delivery vans so we can offer the service in Leeds too, launch our corporate lunch service and corporate wellness programme, a bespoke events catering trailer (solar powered) and our full tailored meal plan service to be available UK wide. On top of this we'll be using a significant amount to fun our 'Nourish in Schools' community project. We have recently taken on Gemma Brooks full time as our project coordinator and we're putting the finishing touches to this programme before we look to make contact with schools to start connecting with kids who we can positively influence on all the things we believe in to lead a healthier life. So, if you are a potential investor then feel free to get in touch! Once we close this round off we'll be launching a crowd funding round, where we aim to raise funds solely for our community projects. We've just taken on a member of staff who is also a videographer too, so expect some cool videos to come soon, and maybe our own YouTube channel too.

More Education and community stuff:

Now we've settled in Leeds and the business is running smoothly you're going to see a lot more content around the education side of the business. We'll be releasing weekly blogs as well as guest blogs from our partners and brand ambassadors. We'll also be releasing the dates for our upcoming nutrition courses as well as the free nutrition consultation days too. As well as this our Nourish in schools project will be launched as well as our healthy work place initiative. 

And Finally:

Well we just want to say thank you. Thank you to all those of you have become regulars at our Leeds store and thank you to all of our regulars at our Sheffield store. We're blown away by the response we get from customers, and even when we get things wrong, like we have at our Leeds store (natural teething problems) we have such a good and understanding customer base who seem so supportive of what we're trying to do. After all we're just 3 lads who want to make a positive difference to as many lives as possible, we've just happened to think we're best doing it through healthy fast food. Thanks again and as always if you have any feedback or want to get in touch then please drop us an email nourish@nourishrestaurants.com or feel free to call in to store and grab one of us for a chat.


David, Ben, Rich and the Team