We are recruiting!

2105 was a year where we were able to learn a lot, we opened our second store, added to our senior management team and realised that 2 is much harder than one and more than just double the trouble!

But we've come through 2015 relatively unscathed and 2016 is looking like a big year for us, we're looking to expand, open more stores, explore new revenue markets and bring the Nourish ethos to as many people as possible.

At the heart of that ethos is the people, the team around Nourish and we believe great people make a great team, that's why we are more interested in the person and their beliefs than just their skills, because skills can be taught but passion cannot be bought.

If you think Nourish matches your beliefs and you want to speak with us about possible opportunities in 2016 then get in touch.

We're going to be looking for general managers, operations and business managers, chefs, front of house staff and marketing professionals. 

Interested in joining us? Then send us an email and tell us why you want to work with us nourish@nourishrestaurants.com