Introducing The New Nourish Loyalty Card

The New Year will see us launch our latest Nourish Loyalty Card. We love the fact we have such loyal customers and truth be told, without such a loyal following we'd really struggle through the winter months. We're a small business so to have built such a loyal following in 2 cities is something we are incredibly proud of and with the addition of new key members of staff we're beginning to win new customers over and old one's back who maybe weren't happy when they first tried us.

What remains at the heart of Nourish however is a real drive to make a difference in the world, to start with just around us but we're hopeful we can spread our healthy eating and positive attitude further afield and really make a difference. We've got a good heart, a great team and we want to keep helping others.

We know our customers enjoy the ideals and ethos around Nourish, we appreciate the feedback and we're always looking for ways to involve ourselves with community projects or just support others already doing a great job, we try to ensure everything we do reflects that from the staff we take on to the suppliers we work with.

One thing which has been a great success for us is our Pay it Forward Tree concept in Leeds, it does exist in Sheffield but not as a physical tree as such, just yet. Customers can simply pay for a meal and we log it in a book. We have regulars who come to both stores for a meal from the tree/book and a hot drink each week and we also have regular customers who pay for an extra meal very often. 

We wanted to extend this concept further in a way which our customers can not only benefit from being a loyal customer but also benefit from knowing their input in to Nourish has genuinely benefited someone less fortunate than themselves. It really is an incredible feeling to know that as a business we've helped so many people just with a drink or hot meal or even just somewhere to sit in the warmth whilst we mop up at the end of a day, which is how things started with Gary who now works full time for us after initially being homeless and selling the Big Issue outside of our Sheffield Branch.

This is why our new Loyalty Card has been tied in to our 'Pay It Forward' scheme. We understand that loyal customers should benefit for being a loyal customer, it's only right that loyalty is rewarded, after all it keeps our staff paid, suppliers happy and our business growing, but we wanted our Loyalty Card to be more than just a free drink or discount off a meal, we wanted that loyal relationship to reach further than benefitting just the paying customer and Nourish so we've come up with a loyalty card that offers the following:

  • After spending over £5 five times a free hot drink goes on our 'Pay it Forward Tree'
  • After spending over £5 ten times the customer will receive a 50% discount from the 11th meal, on top of this however we will also put a meal on our 'Pay it Forward Tree' for someone less fortunate to call in and claim.

As a company we understand that what we're offering now will 'cost' us more financially, by effectively giving away 1.5 meals plus a drink after 10 stamps, but to us we feel it is a positive step in helping others to engage with those who rally need the support and warmth a hot meal can provide. Customers will still be able to pay for a meal to go on our tree too but this way the work we're doing with local charities will mean there will likely always be a meal on the tree. 

Thanks once again for the loyal support, we'll keep our customers updated in how our new Loyalty Card goes!

David, Ben, Rich & the team