nourish on.... interesting obesity films

Obesity is rarely out of the news at the moment, we're constantly reminded of how much bigger we are and how costly this is to the NHS.

What we rarely see however is real answers as to what can be done to help reverse this spiralling trend.

However here are a couple of interesting videos on obesity both highlighting the problems and giving some answers.

The first, Globesity, shows how some poorer countries have moved from malnourished to obese at an alarming rate and the role the food industry has played in it. One of the most striking moments being the tactics Nestle employ in Brazil to push their junk food


Next up is Mick Cornett's Ted Talk. The mayor of Oklahoma saw the issues his city was having with obesity and began putting a plan in place to reverse this, which brought about strong economical progression. The vision Mick has is something many councils in the UK could learn a lot from. Interestingly he mentions very little about the food industry or nutrition in general, focussing more on the exercise/moving aspect.