the future of nourish

Want to know what the future holds for nourish? Here's the inside track...

We find it extremely flattering when customers come in and ask us how many of our stores there are or if we're a chain. We're equally as flattered when we're asked about the possibility of franchising nourish. 

So we thought we'd give you a heads up on what the future holds for us both short and long term.

number 2

nourish 2 will be in Sheffield. We have had an offer accepted on the premises and if everything goes to plan (fingers crossed) we'll be opening nourish 2 before the end of summer.

number 3

nourish 3 will not be in Sheffield. We're not going to say where it will be but we've made a good offer on a place and we're looking forward to the challenges of making a new city a healthier place. We're confident we'll have this store open by the end of the summer too if it stays hitch free. 

We're well aware of how things can change in an instant in business but we're intent on doing good things and we believe good things will happen if we stick to that.

the franchise

Although it would be easy to roll nourish out across the UK using our current business model, it is not one that suits us. We're only just starting to put our health awareness projects together and get more involved in public health, but once we do, we'll be able to make a difference. This means that profits will sometimes have to be compromised, which for a franchisee investing their own money in our dream, we understand could make things difficult. So nourish is unlikely to ever work as a franchise.

thank you

Looking to the future, we'll look to keep growing our business, refining the model and sticking to our core values. Thank you all for your support so far and as always please keep your feedback coming!