the 'meal deal'

Some feedback since we opened has been around the potential for a 'meal deal' offering. Usually a meal deal offer consists of a drink and a snack. Unfortunately, the companies which offer these meal deals limit the offer to cheap and generally unhealthy options, consisting of sugar filled soft drinks with a bag of crisps or chocolate. Obviously this does not fit with the nourish nutritional ethos!

The whole concept of a meal deal is to push additional foods to increase customer spend, and with this also increasing the calories of the meal. With this in mind we looked at offering healthy snacks as part of a meal deal and realised that pushing calories in exchange for a higher spend from customers is not something we feel should be encouraged.

So, we believe we’ve come up with a fair and happy compromise. Current research has shown that only 11% of people achieve their 5 fruit or vegetable portions a day and so a logical offering for us would be the addition of fruit in a meal deal. As well as this, hydration is always important, so we've added water to a meal deal too. As a basic guide most people need about 1.5-2 litres of water per day (more if you exercise).

For just £1 you can get a bottle of water and a piece of fruit and we can be happy knowing our meal deal offering is doing some good and not further compounding the issues associated with pushing calories for profits.